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Flat-packed, DIY Cabinetry for your #VanLife

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Furniture Made to Move

Rugged cabinets, storage and decks built for life on the road.

From the mobile kitchen to your sleep space, customize your ride with premium GearMods cabinets.


Your ride should be one-of-a-kind, just like you. DIY your build and outfit your RV, Van or Trailer with durable furniture that’s made for the open road.

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Complete your interior van build with no experience necessary.

Our modular products are designed to make your build easier and faster,
with assemble-it-yourself components, flat-packed and shipped to your door.

Or pick them up at our Denver facility.

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Get the FAQs

Who is GearMods?

GearMods is a Colorado based company that designs and sells custom storage solutions for vanlife, RV, Trailer, 4x4 vehicles and garage/home. GearMods works with a manufacturer that has delivered van cabinetry and floors, ceilings and walls for 500+ van conversions to pro builders. GearMods is taking that expertise and developing strong, easy to assemble and attractive solutions for DIY van builders, RV, trailer, 4x4 cabinetry and garage/home cabinetry.

We strive to deliver storage solutions for the outdoor and home communities that solve problems and make life better.

What materials do you use?

The majority of our products are built with two-sided laminated Baltic Birch, laminated with Formica, also known as phenolic laminate or HPL. Formica is predominantly made from craft paper, 14% of which is from recycled sources. Formica uses a water-based solution to carry the resin that binds the craft paper whereas many other laminate manufacturers use a solvent based solution (i.e. bad chemicals).

Baltic Birch is stronger than domestic plywood, has better hardware retention and is more dimensionally stable. (Why don’t we make something similar in the USA? A mystery for sure.)

For the Double Diamond Trail products we also use solid Formica sheets, which are much stronger than the Baltic Birch / Formica sheet combinations, but the solid Formica sheets are also more expensive. We like the strength and the look of the Formica material and use it as a high-end option. The laminated Baltic Birch products are the Single Diamond products.

How do I assemble it?

The joinery in the cabinetry products uses 3 methods to ensure that your cabinet is square and strong. We use tab and slot, glue and nut and bolt joinery which we have designed to be straight forward to assemble. See the photos and video below for more details. Each cabinet will come with its own assembly document as the order in which the parts go together can be important.

Hardware Assembly Video