Welcome to GearMods!

We are fired up to finally get this venture moving! We will be adding products as the weeks roll by. We are excited to offer our products to the DIY community and we hope you will find them to be useful, functional and attractive.

Our cabinetry is strong. Much stronger than cabinetry made for your home. It needs to be strong because it will be bounced, twisted and subject to temperature extremes. We've tested many iterations of our cabinetry and have landed on what we believe are the best materials and joinery for strength and ease of assembly. Our joinery is self squaring, requires no clamps, and positively locates each part and fixes it in position. Check out the video here. We have also chosen the hinges, lifters, sliders and other hardware based on our experience with many types of hardware. All of our products will be available flat-packed so you can save money on assembly. We will also be offering preassembled cabinetry for pick up only.



As you can tell by the "Coming Soon"s, we have many new products and product areas planned. The van section will expand to offer van specific parts where applicable. Check back often if your van is not listed. We work mainly with Promaster, Sprinter and Transit vans for now. We will fill out the van offerings with specific parts for those van types. Follow our Instagram at GearModsStorage for announcements about product releases.

We are also offering van templates for walls, ceilings and floors. To use our templates you will affix the template to the material you are using and then cut along the line. We've been through many iterations of these templates as you can see below and are confident you will find they make your build faster and look better.

The Trail section will start with storage units for Jeep JKUs. We will expand the selection to JLUs and 4th generation Toyota 4Runners (One of our employees wants a unit for his 4Runner). If you have a vehicle that you would like a storage unit for, please reach out to us at info@gearmods.com. We welcome input and feedback.


The Garage section will feature standard cabinetry pieces for your garage with our strong joinery and material selections. Your garage cabinetry stores all kinds of heavy tools. It needs to be strong too. We will be offering additional Formica colors over time.

The GearWall section will feature a wall system with a plethora of storage options that will easily attach to the wall.

Finally, ModStudio will be where you will be able to specify the exact dimensions you need for the standard cabinets we offer. We will also offer a variety of Formica colors here as well. We are working out the details of custom ordering and will let you know via Instagram when it comes available.

We will be at Overland Expo Mountain West in Loveland, Colorado, August 27-29 and at Gutted in Alamosa, Colorado, September 8-12. Gutted has chosen GearMods to provide cabinetry for the build competition and to teach a cabinetry session. We are looking forward to seeing you at either or both shows!

Thank you and we look forward to working with you soon!