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Who is GearMods and what do you do?

GearMods is a Colorado based company that designs and sells custom storage solutions for vanlife, RV, Trailer, 4x4 vehicles and garage/home. GearMods works with a manufacturer that has delivered van cabinetry and floors, ceilings and walls for 500+ van conversions to pro builders. GearMods is taking that expertise and developing strong, easy to assemble and attractive solutions for DIY van builders, RV, trailer, 4x4 cabinetry and garage/home cabinetry.

We strive to deliver storage solutions for the outdoor and home communities that solve problems and make life better.

What is your company philosophy?

Our goal is to design and sell storage solutions for the outdoor and home communities that solve problems and make life better. To achieve that we will only sell items through GearMods that are proven and that we would use ourselves. We want to be the place you go when you are looking for great storage options.

We aspire to be:

Innovative: We will design products that push the boundaries of design, manufacturing, delivery and support.

Serious about our products: We will design superior products. We will sell superior products. We will be diligent with quality control. We will quickly fix any issues that we miss.

Team focused: Members will support each other to deliver excellent products and service. Our customers are part of our team. We will work to support them with new products and excellent support.

Fun loving: We strive to have fun on the job, with our customers and our suppliers.

What can you tell us about your design and manufacturing process?

Well-designed, strong and attractive cabinetry doesn't pop into existence through magic. It needs to be designed in a computer aided design (CAD) system by a designer who is familiar with the requirements of the cabinet to be designed. For DIY van or trail purposes, the cabinet must be strong, easy to assemble, with appropriate hardware and cost considerations designed in. GearMods' designers have designed cabinetry that has been installed in 100s of vans. The design is then sent to a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system where the cutting strategy is defined and optimized. Finally, the code is sent to the computerized numerically controlled (CNC) router table where the appropriate material is placed and the design code run to cut the shapes required. All of our cabinet pieces are cut from sheets of material using a CNC router table to tolerances of 1/1000”.  We have also incorporated parametric modeling methods in all of our cabinet designs which will let us offer more customized solutions in the future.

Our designs can only be cut on a CNC machine, but CNC cut parts are cut to tight tolerances which make the joints solid and square every time.

Does GearMods install cabinetry?

GearMods does not install cabinetry

What materials do you use?

The majority of our products are built with two-sided laminated Baltic Birch, laminated with Formica, also known as phenolic laminate or HPL. Formica is predominantly made from craft paper, 14% of which is from recycled sources. Formica uses a water-based solution to carry the resin that binds the craft paper whereas many other laminate manufacturers use a solvent based solution (i.e. bad chemicals).

Baltic Birch is stronger than domestic plywood, has better hardware retention and is more dimensionally stable. (Why don’t we make something similar in the USA? A mystery for sure.)

For the Double Diamond Trail products we also use solid Formica sheets, which are much stronger than the Baltic Birch / Formica sheet combinations, but the solid Formica sheets are also more expensive. We like the strength and the look of the Formica material and use it as a high-end option. The laminated Baltic Birch products are the Single Diamond products.

Will your products last in my van because of all the bumpy roads we drive on?

Yes! Our manufacturing partner has delivered van cabinetry for 500+ vans in the last 4 years. We know exactly what your van and 4x4 goes through. We’ve worked hard to research and test the materials, joinery and hardware that will last in a van life van and an offroading 4x4. We've trail tested our cabinetry in a rock crawling Jeep in Moab and all over Colorado with a number of prototypes. We've found issues that we've overcome with new design iterations. The latest designs have held solid and we are excited for you to try them.

See the Warranty here

Will your products be able to handle the extreme heat and cold that a parked van might endure?

Yes! The biggest temperature issue in a van or 4x4 is when it is parked in the hot sun and internal temperatures can reach 170 degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature is 120 degrees. The laminated parts use a glue which does not melt once it has cured.  We’ve only had a few items de-laminate over the years and those were mainly caused by poor glue application, not because of the glue itself.

The solid Formica material used in the higher end Trail products will handle heat and cold no problem.

See the Warranty here

What is ModStudio?

Our initial set of products will have specified dimensions. But because we model using parametric modeling, we will soon be offering a way for you to tell us what your specific dimensions need to be for your build. Need a 3 door kitchenette that needs to be 37.5 inches wide? No problem. Or an overhead cabinet that is 8 inches tall. No problem. Need 4 drawers instead of 3? No problem. This will come at an additional cost but now you're getting products that will fit your space just the way you want. Modstudio is where you will tell us what you need.

How does shipping work?

Paper templates will be shipped out within one to two weeks. We print these on demand when you order.

Our products are heavy and shipping locations will vary so we would like to calculate your shipping order before you order if possible. Please send us an email at with the items you would like to order and your location. We will calculate shipping and email you back.

Cabinetry items will generally be ready for shipping 3 weeks after your order. We manufacture on demand and don't hold inventory. Your items may be ready sooner but no guarantees. We work to ensure that your order is perfect and that takes a little extra time.

Shipping options:

1. Come by the facility and pick up your purchase(s). Please give us 2 days notice after we let you know your order is ready.

2. We will ship to you via UPS or a freight shipper depending on the weight of your item. If you purchase multiple items we will try to ship them together if that works out better for you.

How do I assemble it?

The joinery in the cabinetry products uses 3 methods to ensure that your cabinet is square and strong. We use tab and slot, glue and nut and bolt joinery which we have designed to be straight forward to assemble. See the photos and video below for more details. Each cabinet will come with its own assembly document as the order in which the parts go together can be important.

What comes with the order?

All of the DIY products come with the specified of nuts and bolts, a small wrench to hold the nuts, a #4 hex driver to drive the bolts and an instruction document.

Explain the countertop options

All countertops are cut with a 1/4 inch overhang on all sides based on the cabinet you have selected.

Maple Butcher Block - 1 and 1/2 inch thick, unfinished, natural butcherblock. We suggest you apply a food grade finish to the woodWhite Laminate - 3/4 inch laminated Baltic BirchWhite Hanex - 1/2 inch Hanex - an acrylic solid surface material that is resistant to stains, impact, heat and wear

What comes next?

We will be adding the Trail, GearWall, and other products soon!
Check back often!

If you can't wait, get in touch about your custom order

Can I paint GearMods cabinets?

Yes if you like! Our cabinetry is made from laminated Baltic Birch with the lamination on both sides to prevent warping. The laminate is formica so technically it can be painted but it also works well as is.

The formica would need to be roughed up with sandpaper and then primed before painting.

Can I add pulls to GearMods doors or drawers?

All doors and pulls come standard with a pull cutout, but if you wanted to add additional hardware you can!
Our cabinetry is made from wood and formica so drilling is not an issue.

Are the finished colors a paint, stain, or laminate finish?

All the colors are formica laminate.