Who we are

Who we are: We are a team of designers and business people, in association with a manufacturer, who have delivered van cabinetry, floors, walls and ceilings for over 750 vans in 4 years. That’s kind of a crazy number but a few of our customers are high volume van upfitters. We’ve learned a lot and now want to share our products with the DIY community. The most important thing we’ve learned is how to design and manufacture products that are strong, easy to assemble and reliable.

Our designers have hands on experience with the most common vans used for Vanlife. They've learned what works in a van driving over washboard roads while the van body flexes and the cabinetry contents bounce around. We've seen products that fail and have designed our van cabinetry to withstand what the tough van environment dishes out. It was a long design road but our designs and the manufacturer's skill have helped us deliver high quality parts to van builders.

We have also built prototype cabinetry for Overland and Off-road vehicles (the Trail category) which has been field tested in Moab, Utah and all over Colorado. This is a new product line as of July 2021 and it will be growing and evolving over time. We will be offering these products built out of phenolic material, which is heavy duty machineable sheets that are rock hard and strong, as well as our normal formica laminated baltic birch sheets.

We also have a new line for Garage storage which uses our standard cabinetry along with a wall mounting system that the cabinets will hook into. Stay tuned!

Design and Manufacturing: Cabinetry doesn't just pop into existence through the force of our mental wishes. All of our cabinet pieces are cut from sheets of material using a CNC router table. (That's what we use now. Our new shop is going to have some amazing new technology that lets us manufacture at 10 times our current rate.) It needs to be designed in a CAD system to specific tolerances and requirements. Then the design is sent to CAM where the cutting methodology is defined and optimized. Finally the code is sent to the CNC router where the appropriate material is placed and the code run to cut the shapes required. We have also incorporated Parametric modeling methods in all of our cabinet designs which leads us to the ModStudio.

ModStudio: Our initial set of products will have specified dimensions. But because we model using Parametric modeling, we will be offering soon a way for you to tell us what your specific dimensions need to be for your build. Need a 3 door kitchenette that needs to be 37.5 inches wide? No problem. Or an overhead cabinet that is 8 inches tall. No problem. Need 4 shelves instead of 3? No problem. This will come at an additional cost but now you're getting products that will fit your space just the way you want.